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The PERFECT poached egg…………..

The PERFECT poached egg…………..


The response to my last blog ‘egg snobbery’ has been fabulous – yes many of us are confused about the ‘ good’ egg.  And it seems my few words helped many make the decision on what to purchase…. I have been delighted with the comments and discussions over last week or so.

The next question and or frustration with eggs are usually around poaching and soufflés – eek.  So yes I think we will tackle these queries….. Because once mastered they will so become part of your weekly / monthly success repertoire

So hang onto to your hat (chefs’ of course) and let’s look at the perfect poached egg –


1. Purchase the very best FRESH eggs you can afford either form the market, off the farm (oh that’s really lovely) or from the supermarket. A super fresh egg will sit high and perform well.

2.  The pan: you need a good one with a nice high side and heavy base. A good 7 cm plus is required and a base that allows an even heat. Now i have to tell youI  use Profiline Pans (look for these at your local specialty cookware shop) – they never let me down on any cooking task.

3. Vinegar – any sort will do… yes it can be very cheap and very plain if you like and add  just enough to assist in the egg white in setting quickly

4. The other necessities: a slotted spoon, a bowl of cold water (to pop the cooked eggs into) a small bowl or jug to pour the raw egg from.

5. Have the toast nearby and ready….. keeping warm if possible.

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Egg Snobbery

Egg Snobbery

Are you an egg snob like me ? Goodness I hope so!  Eggs are the most wonderful natural product.   Definitely my favourite ‘instant’ meal – nothing beats a poached egg or fried egg.  But then again a quick scramble or omelette – yep totally delicious and packed with protein and nutrients.

My preference is direct from the farm, fresh as possible  and free range-  so I buy as often as I can from the ‘egg lady’ at the market. … I love to look at the eggs and select what we decide is the best on the day!  I do have my preferences and often choose brown eggs.  Various varieties of hens produce brown eggs (I am told they eat more so this can make the brown eggs a little more expensive).   Some say its silly really as the colour of the shell in no way reflects the flavour – well  a lot say that, but I am one of the ones who believe they do taste better.. And of course they look wonderful.

If you think about it, happy hens have got to make good eggs – it’s that simple. I still adore the rich deep yellow gold orange colour of a good yolk. My scrambled eggs, omelettes and sponge cakes look like I have popped a little food colouring into them! That might make some of you giggle, but it’s the truth.

When I have to, I of course purchase eggs from the supermarket – now this is the worry because it is hard trying to work out what all these ‘cartons’ are promising. There are just too many various boxes, colours and information  ……

A happy hen makes a great egg – so if hens can scratch around, merrily pecking at good quality food in a little sunshine they are going to produce better quality and it’s a much nicer existence for them.

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